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Hair extensions are expensive and is an investment so you want to make sure you can get the maximum lifespan out of your new hair extensions. Following our aftercare advice will help you achieve this. It will also cut down on maintenance time and costs.



Detangle your hair extensions before washing, this will avoid hair becoming tangled and lift away dirt. Do this before beginning to wash in order to give hair a thorough cleanse. Use a wide tooth comb or Boar Bristle brush to detangle hair.


Your extension hair should only be washed between 2-3 times per week

It is essential you only use shampoo and conditioner that is designed for hair extension use and is residue free.

When washing your hair, do not tip your head over the bath as this could cause tangling - always wash with your head upright – in the shower is ideal. Smooth the shampoo down the extension hair – do not rub vigorously! Only condition from the mid lengths down to the ends of the hair. Do not apply any conditioner to the bonds as this will cause slippage.

You can pick the top section of your own hair up and apply condition to this section. Pat hair gently when washed – do not rub.



Before detangling I advise you to use a leave in conditioning spray. Followed by detangling with a wide tooth comb, making sure you avoid the bonds. Make sure all bonds are dried completely. Be very careful when brushing the hair when wet, make sure you support the extension hair by holding the bonds.

Always use a low heat setting when using heat tools.

For a sleek finish, section your hair off and blow dry using a round brush with soft bristles. Be very careful that you do not snag the bonds. Finish by using a good quality straightening iron on low heat.

Heated Rollers, Straightening Irons, crimpers and tongs can all be used on the extension hair although it is advisable to use a Heat Protection Spray to protect both your hair and the extension hair. Serums, gels, hairsprays, etc. may all be used but avoid the bonded areas as this may cause slippage.



Remember your extensions are attached to your own natural hair, pulling too hard or mistreating your extensions can result in your own hair being pulled out. The only brush you should use near to your extension bonds is an extension brush – this brush has soft loop bristles and a cushioned bristle base, meaning the brush gently glides over the bonds. When brushing the extensions always hold the bonds, making sure no additional stress is put on the hair.



Always avoid going to sleep with wet hair and make sure your extensions are completely dry from root to tip to avoid any potential problems occurring.

i recommend putting your hair into a loose ponytail or plait before bed with a silk scrunchie and sleeping on a silk pillowcase

 which will help to prevent the hair from tangling or matting.


If you use a sun bed it is advisable to wrap the hair in a towel first or up inside a shower cap. Sun beds can dry out the hair and melt the bonds. If you work out regularly or have regular use of a sauna or steam room make sure the bonds are completely dried as soon as possible after your session - leaving the bonds in a constant damp environment could cause them to deteriorate.



We do not advise that you swim when wearing extensions as prolonged water exposure especially with chemicals may weaken the bonds. Chlorine in pools and salt in the sea combined with heat can also cause the extension hair to discolour, deteriorate in condition and matt.

If you do swim we recommend you take the following precautions:

Place your extensions into a braid using a covered band.

Avoid getting the extension hair wet where possible.

Immediately after swimming, rinse hair in fresh water thoroughly.

Ensure the hair is tangle free by combing through with a wide tooth comb, separating and supporting the extension hair as you work through the sections.

DO NOT brush the extension hair when wet.

Dry hair fully and use a hair extension protein spray.


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