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At Spellbound Dreads & Locks, we go out of our way to make sure our valued clients have the best experience possible. Please take a moment to review our terms and conditions to ensure you understand our operations 



Bookings, cancellations and rescheduling appointments


All booking deposits will be 50% of the total quoted price or a minimum of £25 Whichever one is the greatest. 

deposits are paid via bank transfer or cash (i do not accept PayPal)


for human hair dread extensions or hair extensions the cost of the hair is paid at your consultation prior to fitting to secure your appointment, this is non refundable as the hair will be purchased for your specific colour and length.

(consultation fee for this is £10 non refundable, which will be deducted from your total price)

If you do not keep your appointment and have paid the cost of your human hair or dread extensions you have 6 months to collect it.


Please pay the remaining balance of your appointment fee by cash or bank transfer on the day of your appointment ( I do not accept PayPal)

as in line with any other salon the balance must be paid before your leave the studio.

(This cannot be paid once you get home)


Until your deposit is paid your appointment is not secure.


Deposits need to be paid within 12 hours of booking the appointment, otherwise I will offer the slot to the next client. 


All deposits are non refundable no exceptions, Due to the nature of my business i cannot hold dates without a deposit and may not be able to transfer dates once booked, In exceptional circumstances, I may agree to refund the deposit to you (minus any work already carried out or materials purchased for the service required, IE extensions made for you, plus the time it took to make them)


If you reschedule the appointment more than once you will need to pay another deposit. This is payable before I will reschedule the appointment.


If you fail to turn up for your appointment or repeatedly cancel at the last minute you will need to pay the full amount of money for the work being done, at the time of booking your next appointment and that amount is non-refundable.


Until a deposit has been paid no appointment is guaranteed and I reserve the right to turn down any work discussed at any time. 


Once your deposit has been paid, I reserve the right to cancel your appointment and refund your deposit at any time. although I will endeavour to make sure all work is completed as agreed. 


All prices are quotes until I actually see your hair in person at your consultation.

If your maintenance appointment over runs because of the amount of work that needs doing you will be charged £25 per hour on top (dreadlocks) £35 per hour (hair extensions). Or you will need to reschedule if I have another client booked in after you.


If having synthetic dread extensions added to your dreadlocks I need to see pictures of your hair to colour match, please use unfiltered photos in natural daylight. If having human hair dreads/hair extensions you will need to book a in person consultation.


You may pay for work to be done in 3 interest free non refundable instalments. Please contact me to arrange a payment plan. This needs to be paid in full prior to your appointment date.


If paying by instalments and you change your mind the money is non-refundable.


If i'm doing your dreadlocks over more than one appointment you need to pay a deposit for each appointment and pay for the work carried out in full at the beginning of your 1st appointment.




Please be on time to your appointment. If you are late I may not be able to complete the work on time and you will have to book and pay for another appointment to get the work completed.


If you are going to be late can you please let me know as soon as possible as depending on how late you are going to be the appointment may need to be rescheduled and a new deposit paid.


If you are late and the appointment overruns you will be charged for the extra time at a rate of £25 per hour, If I have another client booked in after you and I can’t complete the work in time you will need to reschedule. 


Please do not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment, as I may have another client with me.


If you need to bring someone with you to your appointment please only bring one person. *Please do not bring children for health and safety reasons*.




Please arrive for your appointment sober. If I suspect you are under the influence you will be asked to leave and will be charged the remaining balance of your appointment.


Please do not bring alcohol to your appointment as you will not be allowed to consume it. 


If I suspect you are taking drugs in my home you will be asked to leave immediately and will be charged the full amount of the appointment regardless of work not carried out. 

You are welcome to vape throughout your appointment indoors, smoking breaks are outside only.


Please show staff respect and courtesy, if you show any form of aggressive, intimidating, threatening or violent words or behaviour in anyway, then you will be asked to leave .You will be charged the full amount of the appointment regardless of work not carried out.


Please note as this is my work place as well as my home I do have cameras. 


Any of the above behaviour will result in no further work with me in the future. 




I can not service anyone that is exhibiting symptoms of an infectious disease, definite open sores, ringworm, rash or parasitic infestation such as head lice.


If you have head lice you must reschedule your appointment. If done within the cancellation period of 14 days you will not lose your deposit and can reschedule. If done after this time you will need to pay a new deposit.


If I suspect you have head lice or an infectious disease during your appointment I will stop immediately and you will be asked to leave. You will need to pay for the full appointment then reschedule to have the work completed when you are absolutely certain all the lice have been removed. 



Please make sure your hair is clean and dry if having dreadlocks or hair extensions installed (no conditioner)

If having maintenance, please insure your dreads, hair and scalp are clean and fully dry

Arriving to your appointment with a dirty or wet scalp, hair or dreads can cause the crochet hooks used to slip due to the sebum buildup it can cause injury and infection to me , it will also cause hair extension slippage, 

As this is my livelihood i cannot risk any downtime due to injury or infection.


I refuse the right to work on any head i find to be dirty or wet.

Please remember your deposit is non refundable and you will need to pay another to reschedule.

*please read the terms and conditions in full. by paying a deposit you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions laid out by spellbound dreads and locks*

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