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Frequently asked questions

How much do your services cost?

You can find pricing of services below

 dreaklocks price list

hair extensions price list

How long will my service take?

Working with Dreadlocks takes time. It’s not like your usual visit to a hairdressers or barbers. Under each service I have given a time frame of how long the service may take and this will always depend on your hair. I am a perfectionist and need to provide a quality service and each set of dreads is unique. Before your appointment, I will have asked you for some photographs of your hair (or dreads) and estimated a time frame for you but also be aware that the service could take a little longer if some further work is required on the day.

hair extensions times vary on the method used and the amount of hair being fitted.


Where can I park when visiting?

There is parking available in the street.


Should I do anything to my hair before my appointment?

Yes, you must always come with clean dry hair or dreads, please do not use conditioner.


What is the technique that you use to create dreadlocks?

The technique I use is backcombing and crocheting. I do not use any products, waxes or threads, 


what method do you use for hair extensions

I use 6 methods for hair extensions

Bonds - Micro Rings - Nano Rings - Tape Weft - Braidless Weave - Hidden Weave


When my new dreadlocks have been created, will I need further services?

Your hair will continue grow as usual and most people prefer to keep their dreads tidy and neatly separated at the roots. It can also be painful if you allow your dreads to matt and join together. Maintenance by a loctician is a personal choice. Some people like very natural, free-form dreads and even take care of their own. For some, this can be hard to do themselves and so the majority of people book for maintenance to help keep their scalp healthy and dreads neat. I like to see new dreadlocks after about 2/3 months then every 2/6 months, again this is a personal choice but the longer its left the more maintenance will be required.

Does it Hurt?

your scalp will feel some discomfort and the pain will differ from person to person when having dreads installed or Hair extensions (due to extra weight) or getting maintenance.

if you do feel tender take some paracetamol and the pain will ease usually after a few days.

but can take up to 2 weeks for your scalp to get used to the extra weight.


Do you offer dreadlock removal (brushing out)?

yes we do offer this service. 

sometimes clients require smaller or larger sections and some clients just want their dreads removed dreadlocks can be brushed out and do not require you to have your hair cut off.

its quite a long process and requires a lot of patience.


why do i need to pay a 50% non refundable deposit?

The deposit will secure your booking date. it covers costs of any materials i need and work carried out prior to your appointment (making dread extensions)

also any no show appointments or late cancellations will cover my income.

you can read the terms & conditions here

why do i need to pay for my human hair (for dreadlocks/extensions) at my consultation?

the hair will need to paid at your consultaion as this is when i will order the hair for you and secure your appointment.

once we decide on your colour match, length and volume required, i will then know how much hair i need to order for you.

you can read terms & conditions here

Do i need to have a consultation?

The simple answer is yes, new and existing clients will need a consultation to determine the correct method, colour, length and thickness required and so i can determine how long the appointment time should take.

We also answer any questions you may have and discuss our expectations from you with regards to maintenance and the correct aftercare that needs to be followed.


Can i purchase my own hair or dread extensions?

you are more than welcome to purchase your own dreadlock extensions for me to install. 

all i ask is that i can check the extensions before you purchase them to make sure they are suitable for the install required.

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