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The price list below is a guide. depending on the length and thickness hair, how much hair is used or how much maintenance is need, prices and times may differ.

For a free quote taylored for you please get in touch

triple moon goddess


new human hair extension fitting

(includes cutting & styling)

maintence per hour £45

removals per hour £45



fitting 1/4 head (50g) £45

fitting 1/2 head (75~100g) £80

fitting full head (125~150g) £120

fitting full head (175g~200g) £150


removal & refit (50g) £80

removal & refit (75g~100g) £120

removal & refit (120g~150g) £145

removal & refit (175g~200g) £175

(tapes will be refitted over 2 appointments as they will need to be washed and retaped)

different hair types pricing

(this is high end hair, we do offer a cheaper quality hair with sorter lifespan)

(This is hair price only without fitting) 

Russian from £355

brazilian from £345

  Indian 5a from £340 

Mongolian from £345

Mongolian/Russian mix from £345

*full head prices vary, depending on desired or required thickness and length. Exact prices will be given at your consultation*

*consultaion fee is £10 non refundable, which will be deducted from your total price*

*for human hair extensions, the cost of the hair is paid prior to fitting at your consultation. this will secure your appointment and is non refundable as the hair will be purchased for your specific colour and length 


triple moon goddess
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